Omission in Chinese - II

In Omission in Chinese - I, we introduced the omission of subject, pronoun and conjunction in a Chinese sentence. In this lesson, we will learn another 3 situations where words are omitted to make sentence flow.

Omission of verb “to be”

zhèɡe dōnɡxi duōshǎo qián?

这个 东西 多少 钱?

How much is this?

xiànzài jǐdiǎn?

现在 几点?

What is the time now?

nǐ jīnnián duōdà?

你 今年 多大?

How old are you?

Omission of impersonal pronoun “it” as subject or object

xiàyǔ le.

下雨 了。

It’s raining.

wǒ bú yào.

我 不 要。

I don’t want it.

Omission of undressed “a” and “the”

nǐ yǒu diànnǎo mɑ?

你 有 电脑 吗?

Do you have a computer?

shū zài nǎr?

书 在 哪儿?

Where is the book?

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