Giving Directions 往/向/朝

Besides knowing how to express distance in Chinese, it is also necessay to be able to give directions in order to tell ways. In Chinese, the verbs 往, 向 and 朝 can be used to give directions and the direction words include 东, 南, 西, 北, 前, 后, 左, 右, 上, 下, and many other. A specific place can also be used as a direction.

S 朝/向/往 Directions V
qǐnɡnǐ wǎnɡ qián zuò diǎn’ér.
请你 坐点儿。

Please sit towards the front a little bit.

huǒchē xiànɡ běi xínɡshǐ.
火车 行驶。

The train drives towards the North.

cháo xuéxiào pǎo ɡuòqù le.
学校 跑过去了。

He has run towards the school.

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