Expressing Distance 离 … 远/近

To express “A is far/near from B”, use the word “离 (lí)” to connect the two places and add 远/近 after the second place. Adverbs can be used to express how far/near the distance is. The extent adverbs should always come before 远 and 近.

A B Adverb 远/近
zhōnɡɡuó měiɡuó hěn yuǎn.
中国 美国 远。

China is very far from the U.S.

wǒjiā xuéxiào fēichánɡ jìn.
我家 学校 非常 近。

My home is very near from the school.

chāoshì zhè’ér yuǎn.
超市 这儿 远。

The supermarket is not far from here.

Note that the sentence structure in Chinese is always “A from B is far/near”, while in English, the pattern is “A is far/near from B”.

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