Measuring 多

Asking distance, age, height, length, etc. can be done by using the Question Word 多 (how) together with the appropriate Stative Verb. To answer, the NU-M phrase takes the place of 多. Although 有 is the main Verb in sentences which introduce measurement, it is often omitted.

S (有) SV
(yǒu) duō zhòng?
(有) 重?

How much do you weigh?


dàgài wǔshí gōngjīn.

大概 五十 公斤。

About 50 kg.

tājiāde háizi duō dà?
他家的 孩子 大?

How old is his kid?


yīnggāi liùqī suì.

应该 六七 岁。

Maybe 6 or 7 years old.

àoméntǎ (yǒu) duō gāo?
澳门塔 (有) 高?

How tall is the Macao Tower?


dàgài èrbǎisānshí mǐ.

大概 二百三十 米。

About 230 meters.

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