Negative Form of 比

Previously, we learned how to make comparison using “比”. The negative form of this type of sentence can be done by adding “不” before “比”. However, the following sentence pattern is more commonly used in Chinese.

A 没有 B SV
méiyǒu ɡāo.
没有 高。

He is not as tall as me.

xī’ān méiyǒu běijīnɡ fādá.
西安 没有 北京 发达。

Xi’an is not as developed as Beijing.

tāmen (dōu) méiyǒu piàoliɑnɡ.
她们 (都)没有 漂亮。

None of them are as beautiful as her.

“这么/那么 this/that” can be used before SV to indicate that the extent is high.

A 没有 B 这么/那么 SV
wǒde fánɡjiān méiyǒu nǐde fánɡjiān zhème ɡānjìnɡ.
我的房间 没有 你的房间 这么 干净。

My room is not as clean as yours.

hànyǔ méiyǒu nǐ xiǎnɡxiànɡde nàme nán.
汉语 没有 你想象的 那么 难。

Chinese is not as difficult as you imagined.

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