Tone of Command

In Chinese, we often use commands when we want to order someone to do something. The tone of command can be expressed by simply using a single Verb.



Go away!



Come here!



Get out of my way!

Another way to make a command is by using an Adjective + Verb structure. The Adjective indicates how the action should be carried out (e.g. quickly). (一)点儿, which doesn’t have so much meaning of “a little” here is often put between the Adjective and the Verb.

Adjective 一点儿 V
wǎn yìdiǎn’r zǒu!
一点儿 走!

Let’s go later!

zǎo yìdiǎn’r shuì!
一点儿 睡!

Sleep earlier!

màn yìdiǎn’r pǎo!
一点儿 跑!

Run slower!

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