As soon as … 一 + verb, 就 …

Having learned “Complete one action, then start another”, you might wonder how to express that one action took place immediately after another? The following sentence structure can help to express the idea of “just as soon as” in Chinese. Notice that if the subject of the first clause and the second are the same, one of them is usually omitted.

S Verb Phrase, S Verb Phrase
tiān liànɡ, wǒmen jiù chūfā le.
亮, 我们 出发了。

As soon as the day became bright, we set off.

huíjiā, jiù xiǎnɡ shuìjiào
回家, 想睡觉。

As soon as he gets home, he wants to sleep.

zhīdào xiāoxi, jiù ɡàosù nǐ.
知道消息, 告诉你。

As soon as I know the news, I will tell you.

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