Verb-Object Compounds (VO)

In beginner grammar, we covered Action Verbs and learned the very basic sentence structure “Subject + Verb + Object”. Actually, certain verbs in Chinese are normally linked together with its own particular Object, and the “Verb + its Object” is usually seen as one single verb unit.

shuō huà.
说 话。

I speak.

chàng gē.
唱 歌。

He sings.

mèimei chī fàn.
妹妹 吃 饭。

(My/Somebody’s) sister eats.

yéye hē shuǐ.
爷爷 喝 水。

Grandpa drinks water.

The Object can also be modified by Adjectives or Numeral-Measure Words.

S V Modifying Words O
rénmen shuō pǔtōng huà.
人们 普通 话。

People speak mandarin Chinese.

wúxuě kàn gùshì shū.
吴雪 故事 书。

Wu Xue reads story books.

yǒu liǎnggè dìdi.
两个 弟弟。

She has two younger brothers.

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