Emphasis 是……的

In Chinese, the structure “是 … 的” is used to emphasize a certain part of a sentence, such as the place, time, or how something happened, etc. 是 is put at the beginning of what is to be stressed and 的 at the end of the sentence.

1. The “是 … 的” pattern is mainly used when the action is in the past.

2. 是 is often omitted as understood in positive sentences (but never in negative sentences).

S Words to Be Stressed
wǒmen shì qùnián rènshi de.
我们 去年 认识 的。

It is last year that we knew each other.

diànyǐng shì zài zhègè wǎngzhàn xiàzǎi de.
电影 在 这个 网站 下载 的。

It is on this website that the movie is downloaded.

lǐwù shì zài nǎlǐ mǎi de?
礼物 在 哪里 买 的?

Where is the gift bought?

búshì lái běijīng lǚyóu de.
不是 来 北京 旅游 的。
He didn't come to Beijing for traveling.

zhètiáogǒu búshì zài gōngyuán diū de.
这条狗 不是 在 公园 丢 的。

It is not in the park that the dog was missed.

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