Money Expression - RMB

Before we learn money expression, it is necessary to know one definition: the measure words. Measure words in Chinese are like the ones in English, e.g. a packet of tea, a piece of furniture, a pair of shoes, etc. The difference is that in Chinese, almost every noun has its own measure word. Chinese money is called RMB, literally People’s Money and the measure words for money 钱 qián are “元” yuán, “角” jiǎo and “分” fēn.

1 元 = 10 角 = 100分, 1 USD = 6.2085元RMB (2015.01.09)

Money expressions follow this pattern:

Number Measure Noun
èr shí èr yuán (qián)
二十二 (钱)

22 yuan

jiǎo (qián)

5 jiao

“钱” is often omitted when it is easy to understood its meaning from the context. In spoken Chinese, “元” is usually pronounced as “块” kuài and “角” is usually pronounced “毛” máo. If the money is not an integer number, the expression follows this pattern:

Number 元/块 Number 角/毛
yuán jiǎo

7 yuan 8 jiao

liù kuài jiǔ (máo)

6 kuai 9 (mao)


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