Preposition 跟 gēn

Chinese Prepositions function like English Prepositions, defining when, where, how, for whom, with whom, etc. In the upcoming three lessons, we will introduce some of the most commonly-used prepositions in Chinese. Let’s start with 跟. There are three main meanings of 跟 as a preposition:

1. 跟 = together with

A TW/Adv./AV B V-O
néng gēn pāizhào ma?
拍照 吗?

Can I take a photo with you?

xiǎng gēn gēge (yìqǐ) dǎ yóuxì.
哥哥 (一起) 打 游戏。

I want to play games with my brother.

(qǐng) gēn zǒu.
(请) 跟 走。

Please follow me.

2. 跟 = from

gēn māma yào línghuāqián,
妈妈 要 零花钱。

I ask (some) pocket money from (my) mom.

gēn xué zhōngwén.
学 中文。

He learns Chinese from me.

3. 跟 = to or with

fùmǔ gēn shuō zàijiàn.
父母 说 再见。

My parents say goodbye to me.

(qǐng) gēn shuōshuō nǐde jīběn qíngkuàng.
(请) 跟 说说 你的 基本 情况。

Please tell me about your basic situation.

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