Multiples, percentages, fractions & decimals

1. Multiples 倍bèi = times

‘times’ is rendered in Chinese as 倍bèi:

sì bèi

四倍 - 4 times

2. Percentages are formed by placing the number after 百分之bǎi fēn zhī. The structure is: 百分之bǎi fēn zhī + NU = NU%

bǎifēnzhī jiǔshíqī

百分之 九十七 - 97%

3. Fractions are formed by using 分之fēn zhī, but note that fractions in Chinese are stated the exact reverse to fractions in English. The pattern is: NU 分之fēn zhī NU

sān fēn zhī yī

三分之一 - 1/3

sì fēn zhī sān

四分之三 - 3/4

Decimals - ‘point’ is rendered in Chinese as 点diǎn:

sān diǎn wǔ

三 点 五 - 3.5

líng diǎn wǔ

零 点 五 - 0.5

èr shí èr diǎn èr èr

二十二 点 二二 - 22.22

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