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As a project of iChineseLearning, our Chinese grammar lessons use a progressive approach to help you learn basic Chinese grammar. No jargons and big words! Each piece of grammar is explained with easy sentence structures and audio examples. Our aim is not to train you to a grammar expert, but enable you to speak the language after even 5 minutes' learning.

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What Is iChineseLearning?

iChineseLearning is a featured online Chinese school that helps non-native speakers to learn Chinese online via skype with live teachers from China. With the mission to make Chinese learning easier, we are dedicated to providing you with the most effective and enjoyable Chinese learning experience.

  • Schedule classes easily according to your time.
  • Structured course aimed at meeting your needs.
  • 1-on-1 lessons tailor-made to personal level, needs, and style.
  • Interactive Learning: topic discussion, role play, practice through speaking.
  • Professional Chinese teachers with rich experience in teaching mandarin Chinese.
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    This Chinese grammar learning site has up-to-date content for all serious learners. It would not be possible without the continuous effort of professional teachers and academic team at iChineseLearning. This is to thank them and acknowledge their significant contributions to the project.